Graphic Design and Illustration

Graphic Design Services by Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd. London, UK

Here at Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd, we’re dedicated to making your ideas come to life and achieve their goals. Whether you require graphic design services in London UK, or beyond, we can deliver a bespoke service like no other. Our areas of expertise include graphic design, branding, logo design and illustration.

Here at Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd we are extremely experienced in graphic design solutions for print or web. Not only have we experience working for local or small businesses but also for FTSE250 companies and those in the elite end of the luxury market. Wherever your business is based in the market, we are sure our enthusiasm and creativity can find the right solution for you.

Not only do we have the experience in-house, but also have links to other incredible designers and printers - so we’re sure we’ll be able to create the best design for you. Some examples of the services we offer include:

Graphic Design
Corporate identity collateral, corporate stationery including letterhead, business cards and compliment slips, corporate and product branding, brochures, catalogues, folders and packaging.

Logo Design
Corporate and contemporary logo designs, web graphics, icons, T-Shirt graphics.

Conventional media, computer aided illustration in a huge variety of styles, graphics including image manipulation/photo editing, icon design, tattoo design.

Print Production
Art-working of catalogues, brochures, flyers, mailers and print advertising.

Graphic Design By Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd. London, UK
Technology means we can do business with anyone in the world, and as our world becomes smaller, your voice and design needs to be bigger. How you communicate and stand out from the competition is vital for visibility and success. At Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd, we offer graphic design solutions to help that’ll actually help you gain business and are usable in the real world rather than just looking good on screen.

Our graphic design studio in London, UK and the home office, is grounded in fundamental artistic disciplines, from illustration and freehand drawing, graphic design especially directed to print. No matter how extensive your brief, we’ll find the right graphic design solution to speak directly to your target market. Through logo design, artwork, text, shape and colour, our job is to give order to the information, ideas and values that you want to project and ultimately deliver the message you have in mind.

Efficient, succinct and powerful visual communication is our passion. Great graphic design can sell a product or idea. It can stamp your corporate identity and brand your organisation, giving it shape and definition. It can lift your product or service, helping it speak directly to its audience. Helping your product or service become instantly recognisable, trusted and familiar.

Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd’s graphic design London UK team work with you to establish an effective tailor-made design strategy. We do this by getting to know you and your target audience and then design in a way that’ll ensure both of you are happy, enthused and successful.

Our London UK graphic design team are experienced, passionate and highly motivated. We deliver creative design solutions to our clients that consistently fulfil their objectives. We are a full service graphic design agency equipped both creatively and practically to cater for any client design project brief.

Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd’s graphic design pointers for a successful project:

What are you looking for, what are you selling or promoting - and why?
If you can answer these questions, you are well on your way to a successful graphic design project. These answers essentially dictate the aims, direction, budget and time-scale. Get them right and the project should run smoothly!

Logo Design & Branding in London, UK
If it’s a logo you’re looking for, what have you seen that you like? What are your competitors using. How will the logo be used - on web, digitally printed or is there a chance it’ll be foiled, die-stamped, litho, letter-pressed etc. Will it be on packaging, badges, skyscrapers, adverts.
We can ensure no matter what its purpose is, that the files we supply you will be usable and perfect.

Illustration by Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd. London, UK

We can illustrate it...
We’re here to help you make your ideas seen. Whether that’s using typography, stunning design, or beautiful illustration by our talented artists, we can make a loud impression through creative innovation. An illustration gives impact to any corporate message or wedding package. A good illustration can be striking, intriguing, insightful - but most importantly - memorable.

London, UK based graphic design brand, Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd, can make your vision a reality. Whatever ideas you have inside your head, we can re-create it through illustration. Any style that you desire from our signature big, bold Japanese tattoo inspired style to delicate little coat of arms and pencil drawings... We will do our best to exceed your project brief.

An illustration is a progressive process of image making, and forming a visual story that can communicate effectively with your target audience. Do you need something fresh and funky to appeal to a young and hip audience? Or do you need something classically stunning to reach out to the consumer who responds to something a little more refined?

With illustration, London, UK based brand, Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd can speak to your audience clearly and concisely. We understand that illustration can be the most important tool when trying to simplify a complex message. When words aren’t enough, pictures can make a deeper impression. So is it graphic design or fine art?

At Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd, we believe that they are one, and the same thing. The level of research, appraisal, critique and heartache that we apply to an illustration is equal to that of all our graphic art - be it a logo design, a letterhead design, a rich picture or a simple compliment slip design. Illustration differs on an artistic level, because there is a lot more room for personal interpretation. Before we start your project, we will talk to you about your creative vision, what styles you like and try put a mood board of influences together for you to guide and direct.

London, UK is heavily saturated with design agencies and shops offering graphic design and illustration, but, we at Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd like to see our selves a little differently. We will only be taking on a small number of clients at any one time. This isn’t due to the size of our team (as we have numerous other designers willing and wanting to work with us) but because we want to focus as much of our attention of YOU. We want the best possible outcome for you and will work hard to achieve that. At Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd, we want to take the time to get to know you, your business, your industry and your audience and then with that create whatever is best for you.


Your graphic design and illustrations can be supplied in a wide range of formats, from digital files for printing or online usage, to fine art prints (using the latest ink jet, 12 colour Giclée printing onto envi­ron­men­tally friendly white paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton) to canvas printed and stretched by hand in-house in the UK for framing.

For quality garments, graphic design and illustrations in London, UK, Kitsune Clothing UK Ltd are here to help.

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